Educational Consulting

Sometimes Parents need Help

Does your child have an IEP? Do you have questions about the IEP process? Do you understand how your child is expected to work toward to his/her goals?

Educational Consulting will help you understand the whole process

In his many years as a Resource teacher, Mr. Bill has written hundreds of IEPs and attended just as many IEP meetings. He recognizes that it can be a daunting and confusing process for parents. As an Educational Consultant, Mr. Bill will discuss your concerns to help clarify what is in place, and he will provide feedback regarding areas of focus in the future.

Mr Bill’s IEP Areas of Focus

  • Explanation of the IEP’s terminology
  • Review of IEP goals and objectives
  • Suggestions for your child that match his/her learning profile
  • Advocacy with school administrators

Mr. Bill recognizes that the whole IEP process can be confusing and occasionally frustrating.
Let him help you work your way through the process and shed some light on areas you find confusing.

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